The benefits of studying or learning online

A Balanced Lifestyle

Finding time to study is tough. We know that. We have all committed ourselves to personal development and we understand the realities that you face however we can personally assure you it will pay off. Work, family life and other commitments consume the vast majority of our time in this modern age.

Online Learning for Everyone

As one of world’s leading providers of online education programs, you can rest assured that no matter where you live, we will keep you connected to your future ambitions. Whether you are choosing your first career path, want to improve your current prospects or are looking to broaden your horizons.

Impressive Results

Online education allows a more student-centred teaching approach. We at The Shaw Academy understands that every student has a unique style of learning that works for them. Studying with The Shaw Academy ensures that each lesson or subject matter is completely understood before moving on to the next, which in turn, typically results in higher overall results compared to classroom learning.

Learn from Top Industry Experts

Our tutors are acclaimed experts in their fields. Every lecturer at The Shaw Academy has a real passion for their speciality subject and a desire to instil this passion in their students. They have vast experience delivering both traditional campus and online education.

Unrivalled Support

We pride ourselves in the level of support we offer to all our attendees. In addition to instructors, you will also be assigned an advisor who will help you throughout your learning journey and make sure you’re on the right path. Our Technical Helpdesk is available 24/7 to ensure rapid resolution.

Value for Money

Focus on your studies and not your tuition fees. The Shaw Academy is proud of its strong commitment to equality of opportunity. We extend our award winning education to students from any part of the world and from all walks of life, who are looking to develop tangible skills to enhance their career opportunities, regardless of their financial situation.

Wide Range of Courses

The Shaw Academy offers a broad range of subjects that span vocational disciplines ranging from introductory to advanced levels. The format allows for interactive learning through the use of webinars with additional assessments, one to one mentoring and online communities.

24/7 Resources Online

Our learning resources are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can access recordings of live lessons for repeat viewing, review assessments, and also discuss questions and chat with fellow students at any time through our online community.


Total flexibility to learn online with content available from any device

Support and assistance from tutors, Academy Directors and other students across the globe

Value for money is key. We ensure that our programmes and course are of an excellent standard and offer amazing value for money

Learn from the experts. Our tutors and Academy Directors are the true experts in the subjects with global recognition

Learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home


Best Online Learning Platform

To become the best and most widely used online learning platform in the world.

Deliver Excellence

To delivery courses and programmes of the highest level from the World’s best experts.

Best Platform

To offer the best learning platform across all devices and browsers, connecting users across the world.