The secret behind living a happier, healthier and more prosperous life

Self-Image Psychology was first discovered in the 1960’s and was heralded as being one of the greatest discoveries of a generation and has gone on the changes the lives of millions of people around the world.

Do you want more happiness and confidence in your life?  Self Image Psychology holds the key!!!

Are you fed up with fluctuating weight loss and want better health in your life? Self-Image Psychology will make this possible!!!

What about better relationships? Attracting the right partner? Or even more success in your professional life? Again, Self-Image Psychology holds the key to all this and more!!!

Self-Image sets the boundaries for individual accomplishment

This means it sets the boundaries in all areas of your life, happiness, heath and material wealth and by fully understanding and applying the information you learn in this course you will be able to follow in the footsteps of millions of others and have made remarkable transformations in their life.

Course Highlights

  1. Live weekly training Webinars / Q&A with Matt Griffin to reinforce what you are learning
  2. The opportunity to improve your inner self image and say good bye to negative self-talk.
  3. An easy way to create the habit of happiness so you wake up with more energy and passion for each day.
  4. You will learn why most people put weight back on after diets and how to make sure this ever happens again to you.
  5. Learn how the Self Image holds the key to attracting the ideal partner.
  6. Understand difference between success and failure so you can make sure you are always on the side of success.


Module 1: The inner Self Image – Access to a better life.

Module 2: Your higher self and inner power.

Module 3: Imagination and the creative genius of your mind.

Module 4: Developing the habit of happiness, health and prosperity.

Module 5: Self Image and your perfect weight

Module 6: Fulfilling relationships and attracting the perfect partner.

Module 7: Why most people are secretly miserable.

Module 8: Develop the winning feeling that’s adds years to your life.

Matt, thanks you so much for making this course available. I have finally found the missing link between diet and exercise which has enable me to maintain my ideal weight. Life has become a lot happier for me. Linda G, Lincoln

Hi Matt, It’s been several months since I took the course, and I wanted to let you know I finally got the promotion I was looking for and there is no doubt in my mind that your course played a significant part in it. Jeff M, London

  1. What you will learn:
    1. All about Self-Image Psychology and how you can apply the knowledge to create a better life for yourself.
    2. A toolkit that will foster peace of mind so you can handle any situation life throws at you.
    3. How to create the habit of happiness, health and success
    4. Relationships and attracting the right partner.
    5. The real cause of individual success and failure in life and how you live on the side of success

And much more!!!

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Self Image Psychology

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