Mastering the Psychology of Teenagers

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6 Weeks to Develop Skills in Leading and Influencing Your Teenager

As most parents will testify, few things are more stressful, more frustrating and more exhausting than bringing up teenagers in today’s world. The shift in personality during these troublesome years can be so dramatic, it can leave you wondering what on earth has happened to that sweet, loving child that you felt you had done an excellent job in bringing up. 

Where has my child gone?

Why have they become so moody?

How can I build trust and get them to talk to me?

Along with the personality changes parents have to deal with, there is also the social development.

How can I help my teenager develop their social skills?

What’s the most effective way to approach the subject of sex and relationships?

These years can certainly be very confusing and worrisome, even for the most able parents out there. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whilst the teenage years will always be challenging and frustrating at times, by developing a deeper understanding of what is going in your child’s mind and learning some simple strategies to help you reconnect with them, these years can be so much more rewarding for both of you.

Internationally Recognised Child Behaviour Expert Richard Daniel Curtis delivers this truly inspirational course.

Mastering the Psychology of Teenagers is a 6 week, easy to follow course delivered by internationally recognised child behaviour expert, Richard Daniel Curtis. Along with the online video course, Richard will the teaching live every week and answering your questions in person. Within just 6 weeks you will be walking away with a deeper understanding of your teenagers mind and some simple, effective strategies for reconnecting with them, easing the pressure on your family and developing a stronger bond between you both.

Richard Daniel Curtis
Child Behaviour Expert

Course Highlights

1. Become more effective to leading and influencing your child during their teenage years.

2. Enjoy a significant increase in your confidence as a Parent by developing a deeper understanding of the Teenage mind.

3. Don’t sweep the subject of sex under the carpet – learn how to deal with it in a way that make you and your child comfortable.

4. Enjoy a deeper relationship with your child and relax in the knowledge that you have the knowledge and skills to address these challenging years.

Module 1: Connecting with your Teenager

Module 2: Why is my Teenager so moody

Module 3:Why is it so hard to get my Teenager up

Module 4:Why does my Teen have so many social problems

Module 5: Why do I keep having to repeat the rules and expectations.

Module 6: Fundamentals in discussing relationships and sex.

Parents who have applied what they have learnt have reported the following changes

1. Reduced conflict at home
2. Significant decrease in parental stress
3. Increasing confidence both in parent and child
4. Help significantly to re-establish the bond with their child

This invaluable course will provide you with a framework consisting of 6 key modules, along with simply strategies that you can use throughout the teenage years so that you can have the confidence and peace of mind that you are following in the footstep of those highly effective parent who have mastered the psychology of Teenagers.

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Mastering the Psychology of Teenagers

£279.00 £39.00
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