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Are you habits taking you on a path to success or failure?

Are you waking up in the morning and taking automated steps that will set you up to have a great day or a poor one?

Habits are ingrained into us all, mostly from a time before we remember and they influence our very thought and actions at a very fundamental subconscious level.

“If you can change your habits you can change your life!”

Jon Allen has been studying the effect on habits on himself and others for over 10 years, taking what he learned to make fundamental changes in his life. From the creation of his ideal life and the perfect day, through to taking up the guelling sport of triathlon, competing at event around the country and starting a triathlon club.

All through making subtle changes in the habits he performed each and every day.

This is what Jon has to say.

Habits are formed, mostly long before we have any conscious memory. These automated processes take care of around 90% of the actions we carried out each and every day. Most of these habits come from our early childhood and from our parents.

They have taken every one of us to the point we are at in life, in business and in relationships. They will continue to take us down this path unless we do something about it.

Making changes to these habits doesn’t have to be that difficult. The first and most important step is to understand what habits are ruling your behaviour and to know what needs to be changed.

We can then utilise some simple and effective techniques to making lasting change and move towards the lives we’ve always dreamed about. To achieve the physical bodies we’ve always desired and have the relationships we’ve always wanted in our lives.

I’m thoroughly enjoying sharing these techniques for changing habits and working directly with students through weekly Q&A sessions and the forum to help people to take what they’ve learned and apply it successfully. The regular interaction is one of the keys to making these habits stick and I look forward to meeting you on one of our sessions soon.

Wishing you alll the best to your exciting new future,


Jon Allen

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