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What if you could effectively communicate so that you are heard the first time?

What would it feel like to easily move others into action without coercion or foul play?

Would you feel more confident asking your boss for a raise? Or, getting the kids to behave?

“Effective Communication is the glue that holds communities together”

The leadership roles don’t necessarily go to the person with the best technical know-how, they go to the people who can confidently and effectively communicate and share their ideas. The higher earning potential always follows the people who can arouse enthusiasm in others and assume leadership. Oftentimes the best Leaders Are Effective Communicators. They understand others and get along with people; they are quickly able to build trusting relationships where everyone wins.

Donna has been involved in delivering communication skills for the last 20 years while building and developing a thriving construction business.

Three careers, four children and plenty of opportunities to learn her skills in the trenches, she works closely with businesses and colleges to develop communication skills that facilitate trust & flow, two crucial elements for success today.

This is what Donna has to say

Our current economic and market trends are driving many to want to get more done with less resources and to add to that, people generally don’t have time to listen or wait. So, just how does one communicate more effectively and with impact?

This course will take you through the crucial elements and secrets of effective communication, that when applied will ensure you get what you want when you want it and have others saying yes more easily. Good communications are the foundation on which personal relationships; great companies and careers are built and are vital to positively impact all areas of your life when wanting lasting success.

In the digital age there’s no shortage of ways to communicate and interact with any one from around the world. The challenge happens when you meet face to face and you need to find the right words and communicate them in the right way. By the end of this course you will have a tool set of skills that enable you to always be in control of any situation and communicate in the most effective way.

To your success,

Donna Still MA

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Joined British Academy: 2015
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Years Experience: 10

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