Amazing flowing creative content

For those interested in creative writing this is a fantastic opportunity to enrol in a life-changing course. Successful writing all start with a passion for reading books. So when reading great books do you know what to look for to understanding the writer’s style. Are you aware of the techniques used by the world’s most famous authors? Because when you are it’s very easy to enhance your own writing.

The course aimed at beginners will unlock the creativity in your mind, eliminate the frustrations from not knowing what to write or how to organise your ideas and ensure you begin an exciting journey into the magical world of creative writing.

Course Highlights

  1. Watch how you become infinitely more creative with you writing when using our framework and techniques.
  2. Sleep peacefully without the internal resistance that comes from a lack of ideas and direction
  3. Mastermind with likeminded people who have a passion for writing creativity.

Module 1:

Module 1 consists of a series of introductory videos which will lay the foundation for the course.

Module 2:

How do you have immediate impact on your reader? An impact so great that the reader feels they have been instantaneously transported to another exciting world. Module one is about learning the techniques used by many of the world’s best-selling authors along with a series of exercise to get your creative juices flowing.

Module 3:

How to make your characters stand out and have a lasting impression on the readers mind long after they have finished the book. This module is about learning the techniques to create memorable characters.

Module 4:

How do you write a plot that keeps the reader awake at night, unwilling to sleep until they have completed another and then another chapter of your book? What makes storyline this powerful and what creative techniques can you use to emulate the best-selling authors. Module 3 covers all of these areas and more.

Module 5:

How do we produce the glue that sticks everything together? The small stuff that really brings the book to life. This module is about examining techniques such as language patterns, imagery and we even look into the finer detail of punctuation so that you have everything you need to get started on your book.