Building a successful cake making business working from home

We all love to give a receive gifts and one of the the most widely celebrated is a cake. Birthday, weddings, anniversaries are all celebrated with cakes. We are always looking for something different, something special for that perfect day or that ideal present.

We buy from people and when it comes to such a personal purchase, we prefer people we know and trust. Using your networks and social networks are a great place to start a cake business on your own.

With so many baking and cooking programmes recently, it is becoming inceasingly popular as a career choice that offer time freedom and a better work / life balance.

After completion of this course, you will be sufficiently qualified to start your own cake making business, working from home and earning an income.

You’ll be armed with everything you need to know to get your business off the ground quickly and at low cost and to drive it forward to become a successful, thiving home business.

Course Highlights

  1. Start your own thriving new business from home.
  2. Enjoy a better work / life balance, spending time with family and friends.
  3. Learn everything you need to know to get your business off the ground quickly and at low cost.
  4. Relax in the knowledge that you have a tried and tested framework that will help you to achieve success quickly, learning from successful experts that have already taken this path.

Module 1: Introduction to the cake making business

Introduction to the cake making business and understanding what steps are required to get your business up and running. There are some key elements including understanding the investment and the skill sets required.

Module 2: Finding your niche

Finding your niche is a key step in this process. Is it weddings, birthdays, perhaps a cupcake business? Also we will focus on defining your unique selling proposition, what make you different?

Module 3: Machinery and equipment

Machinery and equipment requirement, what do you need to get in place to be fully set up.

Module 4: Incredients, suppliers and delivery

Incredients, suppliers and delivery are key elements to success. From choosing your recipes, ingredients, picking your key suppliers to deciding on delivery and packaging, we will cover all of the logistical elements you need to think about.

Module 5: Understanding the market and Pricing

Module 6: Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communication is key to getting your business to become successful. You will learn about how to market your products, from setting up a website to using social media through to looking after your customers.