The secrets to understanding body language and making a great first impression

Research has shown that when verbal and nonverbal signals are not in alignment with each other, this can create confusion and the recipient has to make a choice between what they hear and what they see.

Subconsciously though they will believe you body language over your spoken work.

This is common across such a wide variety of situations, at work, home, during social situations and at play.

In this course we will reveal how body language is often misread and how it is perceived. We’ll also reveal the 5 nonverbal signals that you need to know to make a great first impression with new people. We also look at how leaders can benefit as well as some simple communications tips.

Course Highlights

  1. Understanding your own body language and the multiple messages your giving out.
  2. Improve relationships with family, friends, clients and colleagues.
  3. Understand different gestures and tone of voice for best results.
  4. Relax in the knowledge that you have a tried and tested framework that will help you to achieve success quickly, learning from successful experts.

Module 1: How People Read Your Body Language

Understanding how body language signals are perceived is a key part of the process. It will help you understand how misreading of body language occurs. We’ll also help you get to your body language to match your words.

Module 2: Making a Positive First Impression

There are five keys to making a positive first impression and eight key elements to shaking hands.

Module 3: How Leaders Are Understood and Evaluated

How body language can establish leadership presence through conveying warmth and empathy as well as confidence.

Module 4: Vocal Tonality

Tone of voice is just as important as the spoken work. Understanding this is key to ensuring communication matched up correctly.

Module 5: Key Body Awareness

Communicating with your hands, your feet and understanding the use of space.


Being a great communicator isn’t just about just the words. Remember you’re always communicating over multiple channels, verbal and nonverbal, resulting in multiple distinct conversations. Becoming aware of your body language and applying tips, you’ll gain the nonverbal advantage in dealing with your clients, family, friends and colleagues.

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