Interested in becoming an Academy Partner at the British Academy?

The British Academy for Online Learning offers you the opportunity to have your course and products marketed worldwide to thousands of people on a daily basis in most English speaking countries.

Maybe you’re struggling to get your name out into the market, perhaps you’re frustrated at a lack of customers, or potentially you are not sure how to build that initial level of trust so that people invest in your courses.

  • Just imagine your expertise and subject knowledge being promoted across the globe, on over 150 sites on a daily basis reaching 100’s of thousands of people.
  • Just Imagine, all your products and services being actively promoted to individuals that have already spent money in your industry.
  • Just imagine a global platform by which you can conduct webinars / online workshops and actively promote yourself to thousands of individuals who want to pay you for what you know.
  • Just imagine being part of a very ambitious creative Mastermind group of successful likeminded individuals with similar goals and ambitions.

At the British Academy for Online Learning this is exactly what we can offer you and much more.

As an Academy Partner within our platform you have this opportunity do take full advantage of all of the above and join a select group of creative entrepreneurs that are positively impacting the lives of individuals across the globe with their knowledge and expertise.

At the Academy, we understand how frustrating it is to have information that can transform lives but no one seems to be interested. We know how problematic it can be to get your knowledge and expertise in front of the right people and we know exactly how frustrating it can be when people are not willing to pay the prices you ask.

The British Academy for Online Learning has been set up to address these issues and provide a best in class global platform where individuals, keen to learn new skills, can come and enjoy the highest standards of education.

What can you expect as an Academy Partner?

  1. Your subject knowledge actively marketed in 15 English speaking countries across the globe on a daily basis.
  2. Your full suite of courses and products being strategically promoted to everyone that enters the platform.
  3. Access to new and existing members of the Academy who have spent money in your respective industry for ongoing promotional activities such as Webinars, live event, online workshops etc.
  4. Academy Partner personal blog posts and ad-hoc email marketing.
  5. Access to all the other Academy Partners for Masterminding and Joint Ventures.

What is expected of you?

  1. High quality online course in your respective industry with Marking sheet and guidance that will be used for marketing purposes by the British Academy for online learning.
  2. We expect the course to be 8 – 12 modules long spread over 1 – 3 months.
  3. As Academy Partner you will be expected to participate in the strategic direction of the Academy in your respective area of expertise.
  4. We expect you to act promptly to all promotions and maintain the highest integrity and ethics whenever in partnership with the Academy.


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