The British Academy for Online Learning is one of the world’s first interactive online academies for adult learning and life skills. We recognise the challenges students face around distance learning so our whole model is designed to support you in every way possible to ensure you complete your studies and apply what you have learnt. We believe that no learning takes place in an individual unless the knowledge is accompanied by a change in life circumstances. To facilitate this, the British Academy delivers live interactive Webinars with our experts, support through Accountability Partners and through social media platforms to interact with other students.  As such we guarantee the best possible online environment to create change in your life. All our Academy Partners are hand picked and have achieved a high degree of real life success in the skills they teach and will do everything possible to ensure you achieve the level of success you desire.

  • State of the Art Online Learning
  • High Quality Course Content
  • Academy Partners with real life success
  • Live interactive webinar’s
  • Mobile Coaching App to ensure success


Training Delivery

Simple and easy to use training delivery system.

Mobile Compatible

Content can be accessed on the go with Mobile Devices.

5 Ways to Learn

With 5 ways to learn you will not be stuck for learning options.

Content to You

Work on your own computer or device in the comfort of your own home.

Innovative Courses

A wide range of innovative course subjects.

Different Media

Course content delivered using different media to suit various learning styles.

Strategic Partners

We partner with key organisations and Academy Directors across the globe.

Marking and Certification

Quick turnaround on marking of assignments and exams as well as certification delivery.


Why wait, get started now and learn from the best content providers on the planet.



Fantanstic, thank you, so easy to use and I got the qualification completed, checked and the certificated sent through is just under 6 weeks. Great course!!
Mark Anderson
I found the system really easy to use and the response from the support team was excellent.
Amelia Slade
Awesome, thanks guys, so happy to get my qualification so quickly, thanks for all the help!
Rich Bailey


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